Greetings from the Chair

To my neighbors and community members,

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the Regina North East Community. Located in the heart of Regina’s North East, at the back of Imperial Community School, it is our mission to connect everyone in our community. We connect to our community through our programming and events held at the North East Community Center and surrounding outdoor spaces. Everyone is welcome attend and you will always be greeted with a big smile when you arrive.

I moved into the community in 2012 and quickly discovered how wonderful the people are here. I made it my mission to get to know my neighbors and any community members that would talk to me. I loved receiving the monthly community newsletter. I would note all the events happening around me each month. When I finally decided to attend an event to see for myself what they are like, I quickly learned how many amazing people I have living around me and I wanted to help.

Since joining the Community Association, it is my mission to connect with as many people as I can in our community. So please join me at any of our events, connect with me through our website, wave at me on the street, I look forward to meeting you.

Andrew Michalski
NECA Chairperson, 2021 – Present