Backyard Firepits and BBQs

Safe Enjoyment of Backyard Firepits and Barbecues

As you plan to enjoy the long weekend ahead and warmer weather, Regina Fire & Protective Services reminds residents to be cautious when using backyard firepits and barbecues.

“It’s important to keep safety in mind when using a backyard firepit or barbecue,” said Layne Jackson, Regina Fire Chief. “When using fire for cooking or enjoyment, be aware of all potential hazards, such as placing flammable materials too close to a barbecue or firepit.”

The Regina Fire Bylaw sets out important firepit regulations to keep residents safe, prevent fires and be a good neighbour and community member:

  • Fires must be contained in a non-flammable container on a non-combustible surface, like cement or brick, and be covered with a heavy gauge metal screen.
  • Firepits must be placed at least three meters from any combustible materials such as fences, houses, decks, bushes and overhanging branches.
  • Only seasoned wood, manufactured fire logs or charcoal can be burned. Do not burn leaves, twigs, scrap lumber or garbage.
  • At all times, firepits must be supervised by an adult and a means to extinguish the fire must be within reach. A garden hose or bucket filled with water is an easy way to meet this regulation.

Visit for the full list of City regulations on outdoor firepits. Violating firepit regulations could result in a $300 fine per offence as they can pose a serious safety risk to the community.

If you witness careless use of a firepit, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 during regular business hours or go online to to complete a service request 24 hours a day. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Exercise caution when using a barbecue. Regina’s leading cause of fire is careless cooking. Follow these important safety tips to stay safe:

  • Before the first seasonal use, check all connections and lines with the soapy water test.
  • Never use your barbecue indoors or in a garage.
  • Barbecue on a solid surface, away from trees, shrubs, overhangs and structures like your home, garage, fence or shed.
  • Always light the barbecue with the lid open.
  • When finished barbecuing, turn off the cylinder valve first, then the grill controls.
  • Ensure coals are soaked with water before discarding.
  • Never store spare propane cylinders indoors or in a garage.

After enjoying your outdoor firepit or charcoal barbecue, allow the ashes to cool for 24 hours before placing them in a disposable container and into your brown bin. Ashes should not be placed in a recycling cart.